ToyTortures Top 10 Toys: Sheets of San Francisco

Water on a Mattress Cover from Sheets of San Francisco

Technically the products from Sheets of San Francisco are neither toys nor playroom furniture so one might think they do not belong in this series. Yet almost none of the things I have acquired and reviewed influenced the way I play more than these sheets.

In general BDSM tends to be a more or less messy thing: Putting a rubber gimp into strict bondage does not come without sweat leaking, heavy fisting requires loads of lube which might leak out of a sloppy ass – not to talk about the bursts of piss when the bladder gets stimulated -, wax and gunge play is an entire level of mess potential on its own, just to name a few. Since most people don’t have a playroom – let alone one with a drain in the floor – this mess happens in places where it is not convenient. For this reason play sheets out of various materials are made. But each material comes with its drawbacks: Rubber and neoprene needs extensive care and dissolve when exposed to oil-based lube, vinyl/PVC tears easily and tarps are not really sexy. All of them are hard to clean and dry afterwards.

Detail of the Fitted Corner

Despite having lived in a dorm with just a room to myself and my bed being my play area all the shortcomings – especially the cleaning and drying one – kept me from getting a play sheet – until Sheets of San Francisco came along. Their sheets feel soft like cotton so they are comfortable, they look like unpolished rubber, are resistant towards any kind of lube and wax, 100% water-proof, sturdy and fitted. So you don’t have to worry about anything – especially the sheets moving, exposing the surface below them – even when playing heavily on them. But the biggest advantage for me is the cleaning: After having played, carefully lift the sheet in all four corners so all liquids gather in the middle and simply throw it into the washing machine. It comes out almost dry and hanging it out to dry it almost looks like a cotton sheet so it is unsuspicious. This easiness makes these sheets so great. It allowed me to focus on the play and kept the worries about soiling and cleaning at bay which dramatically increased the play pleasure.

Sheets of San Francisco make these sheets in a number of different sizes and even offer pillow and duvet covers. If they don’t have what you need, simply get in touch. They will happily make a custom piece for you. If you want to learn more about these sheets, read my in-depth review.

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Sheets of San Francisco

Vendor: Sheets of San Francisco

Detail of the Fitted Corner

Detail of the Fitted Corner

Most people don’t have a playroom. So creating an environment where you can live out your kinks inside a vanilla house can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to messier kinks where large quantities of lube or piss finding creating good and comfortable area to play while being sure you don’t ruin the furniture can be a challenge. Living in a dorm I can very much relate to these problems especially when it comes to fisting. Play sheets were not really a solution for me because when playing hard they shift and cleaning and drying them was always a challenge. So I was very happy when Sheets of San Francisco send me a set of their fitted play sheets to give them a real life test.

The sheets are made out of polyurethane which is woven 2-ply. This leads to a dense and sturdy surface with a characteristic stripe pattern. The feel of the material is best described as high quality cotton sheets meeting chlorinated rubber. Unlike rubber they don’t have a high heat transfer coefficient so you can actually snuggle and roll around in them without having to face a cold surface once you shift a bit.

What in my opinion are more important than the feel are the material properties: The sheets are absolute waterproof. It doesn’t matter if it is lube, piss, sweat or other liquids, the will stay on top of the sheet and won’t sink in. You can find these properties on other play sheet material like vinyl or rubber but further more Sheets of San Francisco also does not take up smells easily and does not tear easily when being exposed to a little (!!!) pressure of sharp objects. The material is also surprisingly resistant to the heat of dripping wax. After a wax play scene you can simply peel off the wax.

Water on a Mattress Cover from Sheets of San Francisco

Water on a Mattress Cover from Sheets of San Francisco

What really sets Sheets of San Francisco apart from other play sheets are that they are fitted. This means they come with pockets you wrap around the mattress. So even when playing hard and heavily the sheet stays in place when the size roughly fits the mattress. All sheets are designed for a standard mattress height (around 20cm) and come in a lot of standard US, UK and EU sizes. The material stretches a bit and also the pockets are large enough to hold onto even a bit smaller beds. If your bed or padded play area does not fit any standard sizes there is always the option of getting a custom fit for a £30 premium. And with prices between £36 for a pillow case over £129 to £139 for a fitted sheet up to £199 for a duvet cover they are not really that much more expensive than other, not fitted play sheets.

The Sheets of San Francisco line also features pillow cases (I stuffed mine with hard pillows to lift and support the ass when lying on the back during a fisting scene) and a duvet cover. A friend of mine who is an ABDL bought the entire set to sleep comfortable yet without fear of soiling his mattress or duvet if his diaper should start leaking. Finally there is also a throw sheet to cover “complex” objects like sofas or to put under your sling.

Sheets of San Francisco withstanding Mild Pressure of Sharp Objects

Sheets of San Francisco withstanding Mild Pressure of Sharp Objects

Cleaning the sheets is very easy: Simply throw them in the washing machine on 40°C and don’t spin-dry them too much. Since the material is hydrophobic it will dry quickly. A downside of the waterproof material is that sometimes water gets trapped in the “pockets” of the fitting. So be a bit careful when you take it out of the machine. If you played with a lot of JLube, I recommend putting a spoon of salt into the machine. Also, powder detergent sometimes leaves residues. For me dish soap worked the best but since it foams more than detergent I recommend not using more than a spoon again. If you are living in a dorm and washing machines or space for letting the sheet dry is an issue, wipe up the lube or whatever is on the sheet using paper towels, mix a solution out of salt and dish soap, spray it on the stains, wipe the liquid up again with paper towels and let it dry on the bed. It usually takes less than half an hour and you can store away the clean and dry sheet.

I was actually so happy with the mattress and pillow cover that I might extend my set with a duvet cover or two and also buy a loose sheet for my soon to put up sling or wax play.