Tantus Snap Strap Paddle

Tantus Snap Strap „Paddle“

Vendor: Peep Show Toys, Sinful and many more

Tantus products have been popping up at internet and brick & mortar sex shops but surprisingly not BDSM and kink shops, I wonder why… Because of this there have been several reader questions especially about the Snap Strap Paddle. Since the toy doesn’t break the bank, I have bought one to see what is what. Oh boy, was I not prepared for what I have gotten…


The toy starts out with an oval tapering grip. At 12mm thickness, 130mm length and tapering from 43mm to 33mm it is somewhat ergonomically if your hands are not too small. But the edges are rectangular instead of rounded making holding the toy a bit uncomfortable. On the plus side is a hole in the grip for hanging the toy more easily. Though you have to add a loop yourself.

On top of the grip sits the impact blade. It is 320mm long and 51mm wide but only 3.3mm thick. Because of this I find the name of the toy a bit misleading or imprecise: It is clearly a strap, not a paddle.

The Firm Edges of the Grip

It is made out of “Tantus’ own unique blend of ultra-premium silicone.” which I would guess being somewhere around Shore A30 firmness or in this regard stiffness. While the material designation is no guarantee that is it actually body-safe 100% platinum silicone it held up well when I put it through some cleaning paces with putting it in the dish washer and boiling it. Even bleach did not tarnish the velvety smooth surface making tin as a catalyst unlikely. The material is quite scratch proof so this toy will last you long even when caring little for it.

Since there is a fine, surprisingly deburred seam running around it, the toy has most likely been casted in a two-piece mold. In the making only silicone has been used. Unlike other impact toys made out of silicone or leather, there is not metal spring inside…

The Extend of the Softness which makes the Strape impossible to Handle

Playing with the Snap Strap Paddle

…. which is a big issue! Lacking the added structural integrity of metal, the Strap is impossible to control. It just flaps around, making precise blows almost impossible. It is even hard to make the blade hit the impact area parallel since the blade has the tendency to twist downwards. This detrimental property is somewhat independent from the energy you put into the blow. Due to the softness and inertia of silicone compared to well-broken in leather straps there is a maximum of force that will straighten out the blade. From some point on added energy will only make it flap more. It really makes it a comically, a novelty toy instead of BDSM tool you can rely on. Sadly due to all these issues there is not novelty sound effect: No matter how hard or in what way you hit, you cannot produce a satisfying snap sound the product name advertises.

The only way to somewhat control this toy with medium energy is to strike downwards. But even with this simple motion parallel towards the force of gravity, the strap breaks out. If you land a blow, it is comically how “soft” it feels. Due to being made out of a stiff thin synthetic material the sensation leans towards sting. But comparing the kinetic energy you put into the blow which how little sensation the bottom feels is almost hysterical.

Due to this, you cannot build a scene with this toy. In order to somewhat straighten the blade, you always have to put in much force. But even if you do this, you do not know how much of the force will actually hit the bottom. Light tapping and warm-up is impossible. Even if you grab the blade in the middle thus shorten it and make it more controlled, the grip starts to flap around like an excited dog’s tail, unintentionally hitting the bottom.

The Softness is due to the Blade being Very Thin

To add potential injury to insult, being so poorly constructed, the toy is nowhere nearly balanced. The flopping around makes it impossible to establish an impact rhythm. If you should decide to do an entire scene or just a portion with this toy – which you absolutely should not! – your wrist will tire quickly.

All things considered this impact toy isn’t even cheap. At 15€ I would have said, it is a nice novelty item you gift a kinky friend for his birthday. But at around 40€ it is serious money! If you want sub-30€ impact toys, look at McHurts Mini Bat or Mum’s Little Punishment or the Mini Teacher’s Bat and Lady Rosewood for non-leather options (I guess I have to review these toys soon cause I own all of them…). But next week I will review a less expensive but way better silicone toy!

Conclusion: Overpriced novelity item unfit for serious BDSM scenes.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
  Impossible to control Sinful.de 39,99€
Uncomfortable grip Peep Show Toys $39.00
Tiring to use
Surprisingly expensive
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