Toy Collection

On this page I present you my ever growing toy collection. I started collecting about 4 years ago and while I made the photos for this page I got surprised how much I have accumulated in such short time. And I don’t want to really think about the money I have invested about into toys. But they are worth the money, thinking about all the hours they have giving me pleasure and fun while fiddling around with them 😉
BTW a fun fact: If anybody ever tells you, that I have tons of toys, don’t believe them! At this date – October 6th 2012 – I have precisely 46,3kg of BDSM toys.
And now enjoy the pictures and take a look at all the great fun things I will review over the next month and maybe years.
If you wonder why I can’t use a light box properly, look at this blog entry and find out why.


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