is going on hiatus

For those who follow me on Twitter might have picked up in the last couple of weeks next to kink my master thesis was a major thing on my mind. Next to writing my thesis I worked at the company I wrote the thesis for, was looking for a job and kept running publishing some of the most successful content yet. This morning I brought the thesis to the printer and with handing it in tomorrow my work contract ends.

As much time I now should theoretically have to publish content as much have the last couple of weeks taken its toll: The quadruple workload have left me a bit exhausted so I am leaving for a vacation later this week. Also:  I had way too little quality play time with BDSM scenes so I did not have the opportunity to gather experience with new toys. For these reasons I take a little hiatus and will return probably in the middle of August with some awesome toys and  interesting projects in the pipeline.

In the meantime: I hope  to see, meet and maybe play  with some of you during Folsom Europe in Berlin. Enjoy your summer and don’t get caught when you get down and dirty outdoors 😉

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