ToyTorture’s Stocking Stuffer I – Survey of the Cosmos Anal Toys

Survey of the Cosmos Fornacis

It’s the first Sunday of Advent in Germany which is the start of the pre-Christmas season. In many German households there is a wreath with four candles and each Sunday you light one more. And at it is time for some Christmas gift tips.

The last weeks here were all about anal toys (and will again once the new year begins). And since I am biased in my toy selection to items my testees and I can fit, a common question I am getting asked is: “Cool toys! But what if I want it BIGGER?”

Survey of the Cosmos Cassini

There are few manufacturers which make really big toys. Survey of the Cosmos is one of them. Or dare I say the one who makes the biggest? At almost 17cm diameter for the largest toy, I have not yet found bigger toys. And rightly so because at this size you are close to the physical maximum the human orifices can stretch. But many of the toys are not for pure stretch. They feature deep texture for added stimulation. Focusing on maximum stretch, the toys are all relatively short and almost all plug style, meaning they feature a neck to rest on after the maximum stretch. Being specialized in hole-busting toys, the firmness range is on the softer side end at Shore 00-30 or Shore 00-50.

Survey of the Cosmos Trappist

All the toys are hand-male in Texas. Unlike other silicone toy manufacturer you do not have many configuration options for your toy. While especially the larger toys are made to order for the coloration you chose from limited edition run of patterns and. The colors and patterns are beautiful and elaborate and have an artistic quality. So the Etsy store is a bit like an art gallery.

The prices start at $83 for still “mass market”-sized toys at 72mm diameter and end around $480 for GIGANTIC yet beautiful toys.

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