ToyTorture’s Stocking Stuffer III – Willie Wanka PRO MK II

The Willie Wanka PRO MK II with the Control Box and Power Unit

For those who have been following this blog for quite some time might ask: Hasn’t there already been a fuck machine as a stocking stuffer a few years ago? Yes, in 2018 I recommended the Shockspot 12’’ as – looking at the fact sheet – best fuck machine of the world.

Three years later I have not yet had the chance to get and review a fuck machine so I refer all of the actually many reader questions in that regard to the 2018 blog entry. In most cases I get as follow up question: Cool device but the price is a bit steep. So I asked around among my industry contacts who make Vac-U-Lock toys which machine they use to test their toys. Turns out most use the Willie Wanka Pro MK II.

The Strole Angle can be adjusted

The most important number to look at is the stroke length: At maximum 8’’this machine goes 2’’ deeper than most other commercial available fuck machines. While this does not sound a lot, 5cm can mean the world, especially when playing with textured or knotted anal toys. Despite the longer way the machine can still achieves up to 180 strokes per minute. Of course, it uses “just” a rotary motor (like almost every other fuck machine on the planet) and thus has all the short comings of this system like uneven thrust. But for £299 at the Willie Wanka PRO MK II is a very attractive package when you are in the market for a fuck machine.

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