ToyTortures Top 10 Toys: DeTails Flogger Set

The different colored handles of my flogger set.

Flogging is one of the most intimate and artistic yet difficult form of BDSM play. Quiet easy to learn its basic it takes a long time to master it and develop ones own style. Each set of flogger thus represents the personal preference of the top. Depending on if he likes it more stingy or thuddy, wants to meditate or punish, flogs single-handed or Florentine, the flogger are made differently. So each set tells a story about its owner. What all high-quality, individually made flogger tell is the story of craftsmanship with their braided knots and countless styles of woven handle covers.

My flogger set from DeTails

When I purchased my set from DeTails I chose the company for their value for money: Fitting my student budget I coud get exactly the flogger I wanted. Due to needing the right space and right play partner I rarely use my flogger. That saddens me because feeling and using this work of art is exhilarating. But when I do, I know it is going to be a mind-blowing experience.

When subbing none of all the toys in my collection makes me quiver in anticipation, pushes me to cry out of ecstasy or catharsis or give me an endorphin rush or give me an endorphin rush that even hours  after the scene keeps me from falling asleep like this set of flogger. When topping none of all the toys in my collection lets me physically and mentally connect with my sub. That’s why I love these flogger.

The price of a flogger depends on the tail’s hide, length and number. So it is best to talk to DeTails what you want and – especially when you are new to flogging – need before ordering. To learn about my set, read the in-depth review here.

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