ToyTortures Top 10 Toys: Mr S Bishop Head Harness

The Mr S Bishop Head Harness with Eye and Mouth Cover Attached

The most often asked reader question sent to me is “What is your favorite toy?” I always answer this question with a counter question: “For which form of play?” This is the only good answer because there can never be THE single best toy ever: An e-stim box without electrodes is useless. A ball stretcher can’t give the feeling of a deep thuddy impact. Nipple clamps can’t fetter a sub.  To answer the question at least a bit I decided to start this miniseries on my Top 10 Toys. The list is highly subjective and based on my personal preferences and play experience. The position on the list doesn’t mean that on toy is better than the other; I actually randomized the order.

The Mr S Bishop Head Harness without Any Attachements

My first favorite toy is the Bishop Head Harness from Mr S Leather. I have a preference for well designed gear and the Bishop Head Harness pushes all the right buttons with different mouth pieces, an eye cover, several D-rings and many straps for fine adjustment. Especially these straps make this head harness one of my favorite toys. Kneeling in front of a top and having the head harness slowly tightened around your head, feeling the gentle touch of soft leather and smelling its rich scent is such a sensual experience. Once fettered it is comfortable to wear and looks stunning on a sub.

The Bishop Head Harness costs $379.95 and is a Mr S Leather genuine design. If you want to learn more about the Bishop Hear Harness, read my in depth review here.

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