ToyTortures Top 10 Toys: Oxballs Ball Stretcher

The Oxballs Nuttsling

Like four days ago I am talking not about one but three toys today: The Oxballs Nuttsling, the Unit X Stretch and the Trough. All three toys stretch the balls though all in slightly different ways.

The Oxballs Unit X Stretch

These toys are a good example that some of the simplest toys are some of the best. Simply put them around your balls (well, it does take some practice but once mastered it is really a matter of seconds) and enjoy the fun balls being stretched. When jerking they bounce either freely or – depending on how rigorously the meat is beat – against a surface adding a bit of CBT. This sensation alone could make me cum. But when it is time to shoot the balls are not able to come close to the body which prolongs the orgasm and makes it more intense. The Nuttsling is the most ridged with the strongest stretch. The Unit X Stretch is a bit more comfortable to wear over extended periods of time. The Trough adds a thick “tail” which stimulated the prostate on your taint which is perfect for edging. Depending on my mood I chose one of the three for jerking off. But what is certain: Almost every day I am using one of them!

The Oxballs Trough

When it comes to ball busting and squeezing the Nuttsling and Unit X Stretch are also quite handy: The create a natural “grip” section and keep the ball together and exposed for precise impact.

The Nuttsling and Trough have sadly been discontinued but the Unit X Stretch can still be bought for $24.95. If you are interested in my thoughts on the toys, read my in-depth reviews of the Nuttsling, the Trough and the Unit X Stretch.

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