ToyTortures Top 10 Toys: Sheets of San Francisco

Water on a Mattress Cover from Sheets of San Francisco

Technically the products from Sheets of San Francisco are neither toys nor playroom furniture so one might think they do not belong in this series. Yet almost none of the things I have acquired and reviewed influenced the way I play more than these sheets.

In general BDSM tends to be a more or less messy thing: Putting a rubber gimp into strict bondage does not come without sweat leaking, heavy fisting requires loads of lube which might leak out of a sloppy ass – not to talk about the bursts of piss when the bladder gets stimulated -, wax and gunge play is an entire level of mess potential on its own, just to name a few. Since most people don’t have a playroom – let alone one with a drain in the floor – this mess happens in places where it is not convenient. For this reason play sheets out of various materials are made. But each material comes with its drawbacks: Rubber and neoprene needs extensive care and dissolve when exposed to oil-based lube, vinyl/PVC tears easily and tarps are not really sexy. All of them are hard to clean and dry afterwards.

Detail of the Fitted Corner

Despite having lived in a dorm with just a room to myself and my bed being my play area all the shortcomings – especially the cleaning and drying one – kept me from getting a play sheet – until Sheets of San Francisco came along. Their sheets feel soft like cotton so they are comfortable, they look like unpolished rubber, are resistant towards any kind of lube and wax, 100% water-proof, sturdy and fitted. So you don’t have to worry about anything – especially the sheets moving, exposing the surface below them – even when playing heavily on them. But the biggest advantage for me is the cleaning: After having played, carefully lift the sheet in all four corners so all liquids gather in the middle and simply throw it into the washing machine. It comes out almost dry and hanging it out to dry it almost looks like a cotton sheet so it is unsuspicious. This easiness makes these sheets so great. It allowed me to focus on the play and kept the worries about soiling and cleaning at bay which dramatically increased the play pleasure.

Sheets of San Francisco make these sheets in a number of different sizes and even offer pillow and duvet covers. If they don’t have what you need, simply get in touch. They will happily make a custom piece for you. If you want to learn more about these sheets, read my in-depth review.

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