ToyTorture’s Wishlist #2: Steelwerks‘ „The Vault“ Chastity Cage

The Creature Cage, one of Steelwerks more Extravagant Designs

As often I endorse “big” kink companies’ products because they are the major sources for high quality gear as much love I have for small, creative and innovative companies. These companies venture off the path of mainstream kink to supply a small niche group with gear tailored to their demands. By doing so unique designs who intrigue me get created. And if they are skillfully created, I am sold. The products of Steelwerks are a good example for this.

The Torture Puzzle, a True Extreme CBT Device

I have often said that I am not into chastity for two reasons: First I like to jerk off and only few tops trigger in me enough submission for the desire to arouse to surrender my libido to them. Second my soft dick is too large to fit comfortably into the common chastity devices like a Bird Locked, Holy Trainer or CB6000 (yes, I have tried all of them). The Bon4 Steel I reviewed a few years ago was ok for the week I wore it but I could not have worn it longer. So if I ever would embark on the journey of long term chastity it would have to be a custom device. I have tried friends’ Carrara or Latowski belts which though not made for me were too bulky and stiff to fit my professional life which leave traditional cages for me. And this is where Steelwerks come into play.

The Schandmaske out of Polished, Anodized Titanium

Just looking at their designs and savoire faire is stunning. It is the perfect fusion of handmade craftsmanship and state of the art technology. Especially the later enables them to handle materials not used by other chastity cage makes like titanium, on request even polished or anodized (as a trained jeweler I know that such surface treatments are not trivial to achieve when they should be flawless). Browsing through their gallery is like looking strolling through an industrial design exhibition: The products range from somewhere between contemporary industrial and experimental art over hardcore CBT which makes me cringe just looking at them to strikingly minimalistic piercing accessories (which still take away your ability to jerk off).

The Vault Chastity Cage with all the Accessories Supplied with it

As mesmerizing their more exotic designs are, I am a form follows function guy. So if I had to choose one of their cages it would be the Vault. The sleek tube design looks bland compared to others – the Creature for example. But it promises to combine comfort, security and daily usability. Furthermore It comes with many accessories like a PA lock (planning for the future), different urethral tubes which should take care of the piss problem almost all PAs have or a scrotal security ring for my beloved ball stretching and CBT.

A useful accessory I would recommend with every order is their S-Key Key ring. As hot as the idea of being locked without any chance of escape is to most chastity subs sadly reality can unexpectedly and unpleasantly shatter the hotness of the headspace and the cage has to come off. With more common cages which are locked with a small padlack this is just a bold cutter away. With the Steelwerks design this does not work. So carrying around a key which is secured by an individually numbered seal is the way I would go while the original key is well secured under the watch of the key holder.

Since every Steelwerks chastity cage is an individual bespoke piece they have no price list. Just contact them for a quote. I know that they are well stocked with orders so if you want yours by Christmas it is wise to get in touch with them sooner than later.

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