Trend Topics: CBT and Crackstuffer

Each week I get dozens of reader questions. Usually they are quite diverse ranging from dating tips over advice on how to produce a certain sensation with a toy to recommendations which toy to buy. But sometimes there seems to be a pattern. For example in December and early January I have gotten asked a lot if I knew any small, light and travel friendly CBT toys. And in the last two weeks I have gotten over 25 messages asking my opinion on Crackstuffers toys and their new material.
As a marketer I wonder how these concentrations occur because for as far as I can tell they come from all over the world. As a toy tester I try to answer them as good as possible. Because I already intended to feature some cock bondage devices in the upcoming heavy bondage special, I decided to start out with these toys and reached out to Uberkinky to get some additional handy CBT toys. Sadly I don’t own any Crackstuffers toys and currently other toys are higher on my priority list. So it will probably take some time or some review samples until I can give an educated opinion on their toys.
Until than enjoy some insight into the painful world of CBT and restricting world of heavy bondage.

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