Twist Action Nipple Suction Cups

Vendor: Uberkinky

The Uberkinky Twist Action Nipple Suction Cups


The body of these nipple pumps is a 57mm long clear plastic tube which comes in four diameters: 17mm, 26mm, 38mm and 50mm. For this review I was sent the 17mm version. Inside this tube is a plastic disc with two black rubber seals. This disc is connected to a knob by a threaded rod. The knob features deep, ergonomically shaped grooves so it can be operated securely even with sweaty or lubey fingers.

Playing with the Twist Action Nipple Suction Cups

Playing with vacuum toys escpecially on the nipples has two possible goals. The first is the stimulation through suction. This is a delicate sensation which originates from the skin’s tension inside the vacuum and targets the high nerve endings density of the nipple. In order to create this sensation the tube’s diameter should not be larger than the nipples’ vestibule. Also, being delicate, it is possible to not feeling the sensation at all when the bottom is not receptive for light nipple stimulation. But if he is, there is a wide range of possible sensations and stimulations ranging from a light sucking one to agonizing pain depending how intense the vacuum is. These sensations can of cause be enhanced by adding external force through a vibrator or a riding crop. Especially for this kind of play this kind of nipple pumps is better than the cups made out of squishy materials like TPR because you can precisely dose the intensity of the sucking sensation.

In any case nipple pumps are teasing the nerve endings so they can be used to prepare the nipples for other forms of play. After 10 to 15 minutes being exposed to vacuum the nerve endings react more intensely to any other form of stimulation being it pressure, heat or cold.

Detail of the Easy to Grip Knob

In order to be effective nipple pumps are best used on well shaven chests because hair below the tube’s rim can prevent the necessary seal for a vacuum. What doesn’t interfere with the working principal though is sweat so these nipple pumps are a great toy to use after extended rubber wearing when most moderate nipple clamps won’t grip anymore.

Though nipple pumps are hot toys a word of warning is in order: Playing extensively and often with vacuum toys can permanently increase the size and volume of the body parts sucked into the vacuum tubes.

Conclusion: Easy to use and versatile nipple toy.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Easy to operate even with slippery hands Does not work for everybody Uberkinky £16.99
Wide range of possible sensations
Can be used to increase impact of existing nipple toys
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