Uberkinky Mister B Triple Cockstrap with Dull Pins

Vendor: Uberkinky

This is the second toy Uberkinky kindly send me to still your thirst for info about small and handy CBT devices.


The Mister B Triple Cockstrap with Dull Pins from Uberkinky


This toy has a two piece construction. On the one end there is a leather cockring which has five approx. 6mm long dull stainless steel pins at the bottom. At the top there are three snap buttons so it fits even the biggest junks. This cockring is connected to a 9cm long cock sheath. On the inside are three lines with five dull pins each. The sheath is closed by three Velcro straps with which you can adjust how tightly you want to wrap it around the dick. The entire toy is made out of and lined with soft leather.

Detail of the Sheath's Pins and Velcro Closing Straps

Detail of the Sheath’s Pins and Velcro Closing Straps

Playing with it

Using the Mister B Triple Cockstrap with Dull Pins is quite easy: First put the cockring on, than wrap the sheath around the dick and fetter it with the three Velcro straps. The interesting part of this process is how tight you close both parts and if the dick is hard or not. Depending on the tightness the pins the sheath are teasing over annoying to agonizing.

The most fun I had with the Mister B Triple Cockstrap with Dull Pins was putting it around a soft dick just so tight that the pins made skin contact. Since my sub had a blood penis it just took some teasing to make his dick hard and thus the pins started to press into his dick. The sensation because uncomfortable, his dick got soft again and the sensation seized – so his dick grew again from the stimulation. I played this game for over an hour and it was great to see him struggle with the frustration of being chased between arousal and discomfort.

Detail of the Cockstrap with Dull Pins

Detail of the Cockstrap with Dull Pins

For real hard CBT placed it on a hard dick and start jerking the sub of. The irritation of the dull pins will drive him mad yet most likely will not break his skin. If you want to increase the inflicted sensations connect the pins with silver covered copper wire which you can connect to an e-stim unit. The low mass and small contact area will produce a quite stingy sensation.

The most surprising usage scenario was putting the Mister B Triple Cockstrap with Dull Pins onto a sub as a reminder of belonging to a top but who couldn’t wear a chastity belt. Due to the dull pins it has more presence than just a cockring but it is more comfortable and easier to wear than a chastity cage. Of cause being made out of leather it can’t be worn forever but well enough for a work day.

Conclusion: Subtle yet intense and well controllable handy CBT toy
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Wide range of sensations Uberkinky £39.99
Subtle sensation that develops over time
Will fit all dick sizes
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