Uberkinky Rounded Handle Leather Flogger

Vendor: Uberkinky

The guys from Uberkinky send me this flogger from their flogger collection to review and I took it as a welcomed invitation to get some decent flogging action again after a stressful semester.


The first thing you notice when you unpack this toy is the rich smell of leather. It comes for its 24 tails which are about 55cm long and are angle cut at the end. They are made out of two-tone calf leather. The bottom is made out of soft red suede while the top is a little bit harder black calf hide which for my taste is a bit over-dressed. But this is just a personal taste: If you like a bit more sting let it stay this way. If you enjoy a bit more natural and softer touch just carefully (!!!) use some leather oil on the surface of the tails.

Detail of the Two Color Tails with Angle Cut

Detail of the Two Color Tails with Angle Cut

The tails are attached to the handle by a classical woven leather knot. The handle is made out of stainless steel and is 17cm long from which 12cm are a simple round bar and the last 5cm are an a bit elaborated round tip. Onto this tip a leather loop is riveted.

Playing with it

When I first used this flogger in a scene I was surprised how well it performed for the price: The tails fly really well and due to all the tails having the same length you can hit precisely. With the medium weight this flogger is quite versatile. From a good sting through the angle cut tail ends to some decent thud this flogger covers a good range of sensation. If you practice a bit (and maybe consult in advance Uberkinky’s Beginner’s Guide to Flogging) you can have an entire scene from warm-up to an agonizing finally with this flogger. The leather is hard enough to leave some very subtle welts that fade within a few hours the longest and colors the sub’s back quite well.

Detail of the Rivet that Attached the Loop to the Handle

Detail of the Rivet that Attached the Loop to the Handle

Such a scene with just this flogger is also possible because it is very well balanced despite the heavy stainless steel. All test tops theoretically flogged extensively and continuously with this toy without tiring out their wrist. Practically what almost ruins this toy for an extensive flogging scene is the way the loop is attached to the handle. Due to the loop being a bit small and inflexible when you put the loop around the wrist and grip the handle bar it limits the movement of your wrist which makes precise flogging very difficult. Another common way of holding the flogger is putting the tip at the end of the handle between either between forefinger and middle finger. The huge rivet and thick leather strap of the loop makes this position uncomfortable. At the moment I am looking at a method to get rid of the rivet and just attach a leather loop around the base of the tip. Because otherwise this flogger is awesome value for money.

Detail of the Knot

Detail of the Knot

Besides the pain inducing aspect this flogger has also some sensual qualities. Once the sub’s back is nicely warmed and red from the flogging just let the cool steel tip of the flogger wander over the lightly bruised skin to make the sub shiver. This effect can be enhanced if you cool the tip in advance a bit with an ice cube. For an even lighter scene let the sub lay down onto his belly, blindfold him and just let the tips of the tails lightly travel over his back.

Conslusion: Versatile flogger with great value for money with a handling problem
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Versatile sensations Loop attachement makes handling difficult Uberkinky £39,99
Great Balance  Leather on top of tails could fell more natural
Good build quality
Great leather smell
Great value for money
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