Unboxing: Mystim Tension Lover

Unboxings are one of the most common article forms on tech sites. So it is kind of ironic (and keeping the packaging of other toys in mind natural) that I somehow only do unboxings for electronic toys in this case the Tension Lover from Mystim.

Mystim sent me this E-Stim box earlier this week for testing purposes following the desiderate I published earlier. So I am already excited about using this box and see if it can live up to the things customer reviews promise. But before after extensive testing I am going to write a review in a couple of weeks let’s see what’s in the box.

The toys comes in a nice and sturdy black plastic case. It measures 26x21x5,5cm and can be shut be two magenta colored plastic sliders which securely lock the lid.


The inside of the box is lined with hard grey foam. On the right there is a section for the Tension Lover and a 9v block battery. This takes up about a third of the space so there is enough space to store additional electrodes alongside the power box.


_DSC0037-2_DSC0038-2The power box itself is made out of black plastic and measures approx. 13x7x2,7cm. It lies good in the hand and with the big display and the sliding cover over the control buttons it feels a bit like an old cell phone (yes, I am THAT old).

On the top are two dials to control the intensity and a socket for each of the two channels. Also in the picture you can see the belt clip on the back.


The box comes with two leads, one for each channel. The end in 2mm pin plugs so you need adapters if you want to use them with p.e. toys from E-Stim.

_DSC0041-2The next item out of the box is the quite informative manual that not only explains how the box works but also gives a good beginner’s intro into E-Stim. A nice bonus is the chapter on how you can use the box for pain therapy.

_DSC0043-2The Tension Lover can be ordered in two versions: The one which I have gotten with sticky pad electrodes for 139.90€ or one with the silicone pad electrodes that I have already reviewed here for 149.90€. It is a nice touch that they already provide simple yet versatile electrodes so you are ready to play right out of the box.

_DSC0044-2In order to do so Mystim also put a 9v block battery into the case so you can start playing right away.

_DSC0046-2As already written: With basic electrodes provided, a good, informative manual and an easy to use power box I think the Mystim Tension Lover is a good beginner’s electrode box from the first look. Now I can’t wait to try it out. If you live around Hamburg/ Germany and would like to become a testee – either top or bottom – send me an e-mail.

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