Unser WordPress soll schöner werden

For the last couple of month I have been running tests and collecting feedback from selected readers about the design of the website. The main points of criticism were:

  • Due to the static welcome page new content is hard to find
  • The category landing pages are just ugly
  • The way pictures cramped at the top of the articles look bad
  • The light box is not working properly
  • Especially in longer articles the layout could be better

Embarrassingly I had to agree to all points of criticism. Most of them were due to me not being able to deal with WordPress correctly. As you might have seen from today’s posting I have started addressing them and spent some time last week finding plug-ins that work for me in order to make the articles more attractive. Over the next couple of weeks there will be some additional changes to the website. And MAYBE (that is a big maybe) the comment function will be reactivated. So stay tuned and check back on ToyTorture.com in a couple of days.

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