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First of all I want to wish all my readers a merry and peaceful Christmas. I hope you have some quite time to unwind and maybe get kinky.

Due to being in Berlin and right after that heading to my parents for Christmas there was no review last week and will not be one next week since I am on a kinky New Year’s Eve party. I have spent the time being in busses and waiting for the candle on the tree being lit with some long wanted improvements of my website. Most of them are subtle like the addition of a page title and sub title and the reorganization of the “Support ToyTorture” section. More visible is the right side column. I have cleaned up the archive and category section, added two gallery widgets for inspiration when exploring the website and finally implemented a word cloud with the vendors I am featuring. This is a feature I wanted to implement for a long time but never found the time for the busy work. But now it is done and you can finally filter the posts by your favorite kinky store. This word cloud came with a bit of a surprise for me. I always had the feeling that the largest number of posts would feature McHurt or Mr S but it turned out to be Mister B.

Speaking of vendors two days ago I joined the affiliate program of Regulation. I hope to soon get my hands of some of their gear and review it for you.

Last but not least instead of a review my Christmas treat for you is a Buyer’s Guide to Pup Play. I wrote it mainly to show novices what kind of gear is out there but maybe even an experienced player can find some interesting new gear and toys in the article.

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