Why you should hide your Poppers when your Parents come to visit…

A friend from Germany just told me something which has happened to him today and allowed me to share it on my blog. Maybe this story brightens your Monday a bit.

He had his parents visiting for a week so no kinky play for straight 9 days. Their train left today at noon so he left them straight after breakfast for work and thought they would be fine. He and his father are avid record collectors so his father decided to pass the time until their departure listening to some music. While cleaning up the breakfast he found a little brown bottle with magnetic cartridge cleaner in the fridge so he thought: “Why don’t I do my son something good and clean his record player.” He was so thrilled by the cleaning power that he texted his son if he could take the great cleaning agent for his own record player to which his son agreed.

About half an hour ago my friend came back from work, horny as fuck. He had a date set up, just wanted to grab so toys, gear, his poppers and then was ready to get kinky. When he opened the fridge to get is poppers he was shocked to find out that his father didn’t take the MC cleaner next to the record player but his last bottle of poppers…

Advice of the day: Better hide your brown bottles when your parents come to visit.

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