Oxballs Trough

Vendor: Oxballs


_DSC7391The Oxballs Trough is a roughly cuneiformed piece of FLEX-TPR measuring 6,4cm at the widest part by 13,5cm. At the upper end is a 3,9cm by 2,2cm hole with a recess for your seminal duct through where you put your penis. Below that is the 3,7cm by 2cm hole for your balls which provide about 1,7cm of stretch. From that hole runs a reinforced, thick piece of FLEX-TPR to a 3,6cm by 2,2cm bulge on the end of the toy.

Playing with it

I have to admit when I have first gotten this item from Oxballs as a gift because there were some problems with an order I didn’t really know what to do with this toy. But after I figured out how to use it properly it because one of my favorite toys especially when traveling.

The initial application is making jerkin off more exciting: The hole for the dick restricts the blood flow a bit thus it works a bit as a cockring and the ball hole has a bit of a stretch and squeezes the neck of your sack so your balls bounce a bit when you start to wank (only for that you have to love this toy). But the piece de resistance of this toy is the bulge on the end. While jerking the bulge slaps against the part of your prostate located just below the perineum. With the toy come instructions how to use it properly and on that Oxballs says you should put lube on the bulge. I have tried it with several water and silicone lubes and it didn’t alter the sensation in any way; it only made clean-up more difficult.

_DSC7392So much about the vanilla application. I have used and had the Trough on me in a number of cum control sessions. For milking it is a great toy: The pressure of the cock hole helps sustain the erection and the bouncing balls and prostate stimulation supports the effort of squeezing another orgasm out off the sub. When it comes to edging the usefulness of this toy greatly depends on your style. When you mostly do head polishing or frenulum stimulation the Trough does nothing for you. If you jerk, you have to be careful because the bouncing balls and the bulge have an own momentum which is often enough to make the sub cum.

For other CBT purposes it as always depends on the sub’s balls. If his balls are tight the little stretch is enough to make them firm enough for good squeezing, twisting, hitting, etc. If you should put conductive silicone loops around the balls and the shaft depends on how brave you are and how well made your electro box is made. When jerking the two poles can meet thus hot-wiring your box. A friend has done that accidently with his ET232 and had no problems but with a less well-made box it can fry the internals.

For all different aspects of play the manifestation or intensity of the sensation depends greatly on the position of the sub: When sitting down you have to sit so far forward and when laying down the legs must be spread apart so much that the bulge can still move freely which can be uncomfortable (but maybe you want to go there). For an extensive scene I would recommend either standing legs spread a bit apart or sitting on a rim or gynecological examination chair.

Conslusion: The best masturbation device I have come across yet.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Easy to use Versatility depends on ball physiology Oxballs  (Manufacturer) Currently free for orders over $20
Unique sensation Difficult to use when sitting or laying Regulation £34,99
Mister B 49€
Resistant towards sweat, piss and most lubes





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